• Instructional Mission

    The Rockbridge County Public Schools division serves around 2500 students in four elementary schools for kindergarten through fifth grade, one middle school for grades six through eight, and one high school for grades nine through twelve. All schools are accredited by the State Department of Education.
    The primary objective of our school system is to develop and unleash the powers of every student’s mind. We believe that every student, as an individual, deserves an education which empowers the student to become an active participant in society. Education should exist as a dynamic force of positive change. We require excellence from students. We strive for a sense of community and common purpose, while recognizing the diversity of interests and abilities. Although we urge students to develop their own faculties, we never underestimate the importance of teachers in nurturing and guiding this development. In order to achieve a sense of community, we must know each other and care for the children under our supervision.