Marching Wildcats

  • “Please welcome to the field...your...ROCKBRIDGE COUNTY MARCHING WILDCATS!!” This is the phrase you will hear on Friday nights as our marching band enters the field. This group is loud, proud, dedicated, and BUSY during the Fall season. Our marching band is composed of individuals ranging from 8th to 12th grade. For some of our students, they are ONLY in marching band because they love it. For others, this is their third or fourth ensemble, because they love it. This ensemble travels the most and is, in general, the most seen group in the department. They regularly perform at six home football games, 3-4 competitions throughout the state of VA, as well as the Lexington Christmas Parade. They have also been known to help out on pep rally days and do what they do best, BRING THE PEP! This dedicated group begins rehearsal two weeks prior to the start of school and gets a jump start at the end of every year with our annual Spring into Band. It is recommended that all students have prior knowledge of playing an instrument for this ensemble, but highly motivated students wishing to join as a beginner can be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Marching Band Entering the Field
Marching Band in the Christmas Parade
Marching Band Performing on the Field