Symphonic Band

  • Symphonic Band is the largest ensemble in the school, next to the marching band. This is our most active ensemble and is the most recognizable in terms of what one might think when they are asked to ponder, “What is band?” This ensemble performs four concerts a year and many individuals will participate in area, district, regional, and state auditioned ensembles. While we focus on individual musicianship and growth, we will also spend a lot of time focusing on our sound as a band. Students spend time learning about their individual instruments, basic music theory, and how those subjects fit into making the community stronger. It is recommended that all students have prior knowledge of playing an instrument for this ensemble, but highly motivated students wishing to join as a beginner can be considered on a case by case basis.

Symphonic Band rehearsing in band room
Symphonic Band Rehearsing on Stage
Symphonic Band Performing on Stage