MRMS Athletics Policy

  • You must have a VHSL physical on file to participate.

    Virginia High School League, Inc. Physical - January 2021

    The purpose of athletics at Maury River Middle School is to promote opportunities for boys and girls to develop teamwork, skills, and self-esteem. All full-time students are eligible to participate if they are considered to be in good standing. The following sports are available at Maury River Middle School: Boys' and Girls' Basketball, Cheerleading, Cross-Country, Volleyball, Track and Wrestling. Eighth graders may be invited to participate in activities at Rockbridge County High School which are not offered at Maury River Middle School. 8th grade athletes who wish to participate in junior varsity programs at RCHS in sports programs currently part of MRMS be a part of a meeting with MRMS administration, JV Coach, the student, and their parents PRIOR to trying out for the junior varsity sport. The student athlete must be in good standing at MRMS and be able to make a significant contribution to the sport. Upon agreement of meeting participants, the student athlete will be allowed to participate in the junior varsity program. Participation Requirements Students must have a completed VHSL physical on file at Maury River Middle School before they may tryout and/or participate.

    ● It is the responsibility of each parent/student to provide their own insurance for each activity. Maury River Middle School is not responsible for individual insurance.

    ● Students are expected to attend all practices and games unless they have personally notified their coach or sponsor.

    ● Athletes are expected to be active members in the classroom, fulfilling all requests and assignments at a satisfactory level. Behavior problems will not be tolerated.

    ● Students with low passing grades may be required to participate under an academic contract or may lose the privilege to participate.

    ● Students must agree to the secondary social media policy for athletes which will be provided by the coaches.

    MRMS athletes are very visible representatives of our school. Failure to comply with the above expectations may result in temporary, long term or permanent suspension from the team or activity. The decision will be made by teachers, coaches, and administrators.