Circulation Policy

  • Maury River Middle School Library

    Check Outs & Renewals

    6th and 7th Grade students may check out up to two books at a time. 8th Grade students may check out up to five books at a time. Materials are due back in two weeks. You may renew items for an additional two weeks.

    Overdue Books

    There are no fines for overdue books, however, we ask that you please be considerate of other students and return library items ON TIME. A book stuck on the top shelf of your locker isn’t doing anybody any good. Overdue lists are given to your English teachers so you will be aware of late, or lost, items.

    Overdue library materials will result in limited check out privileges! Students who fail to return materials ON TIME will be restricted to checking out only ONE item at a time! Please be responsible for your library materials!

    Lost & Damaged Books

    If you lose a book, you will be required to pay for it. If you have paid for a lost book and then find the book, money paid will be refunded. You may take several weeks to look for a lost book before paying for it. Please let me know that you are trying to track missing items. I sometimes find them on the library shelf. If a book or magazine is damaged, please send it back to me to be mended. As long as it can be repaired for continued circulation there will be no charge. If I can’t mend it, then you will be charged for the item.

    End of the Year Due Date

    Four weeks before the end of the school year, you will be restricted to ONE book only. All library materials are due two weeks before the final day of school.