Information for Seniors

Senior Year...Already?

Important Forms

  • Brag Sheet

    Make sure to do your best when filling this out. Not only will it help you organize your thoughts in preparation for filling out applications - it helps us write the best letter of recommendation we can. There is so much more to you all than we know. Don't be afraid to brag a little about yourself.

    Also - make sure to have your parents/guardians fill out their section. You may have a tough time bragging, but often times those who have watched you grow up, do not.

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  • The Blue Sheet

    This is a vital aspect of the college admissions process. The Blue Sheet (called so as it is typically printed on blue paper) gives us the permission to send your transcripts to colleges, universities, employers and scholarship committees. This is a "fluid" document and needs to be updated by you as you add and take away colleges of interest. If you request a transcript be sent to a school, and that school is not on your blue sheet - we will not send the transcript. Make sure to communicate with Ms. van Ravenswaay often to keep this document up-to-date.

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  • FERPA Form

    We definitely need this little form completed, signed, and returned as well. This gives us your (and your parents/guardians') permission to release confidential information - like a letter of recommendation. Without this - we will not send information to colleges, trade schools, or potential employers. Nothing!

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Life After High School

  •  Graduation cap and Diploma

    Senior Year and Beyond

    A presentation that highlights the senior year including the important players, options for after high school, the college admissions process, and important paperwork and reminders

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  •  You Visit Logo

    Virtual College Tours

    Although nothing can truly replace the feel of a college when you are actually on campus, many tools are starting to emerge to give you that feel of taking a college tour. You Visit is a great site that allows you to take virtual tours on many colleges and universities. Explore away.

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  •  Common App Logo

    Common Application

    Why fill out 20 different applications to 20 different schools? Use the Common App to simplify the college application process. With over 900 colleges and universities utilizing the Common App - you can complete one application and apply to as many colleges as you can pay for. Especially take a good look at the First-Time-Applicant Guide which will break down and help guide you through this process.

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  •  The Coalition Logo

    Coalition Application

    This is another site that assists in the simplification of the college admissions process. Similar to the Common Application - you will need to fill out the information one time, and be able to send it out to multiple colleges and universities. Using Coalition, students can begin exploring colleges and compiling personal and school-related achievements as early as ninth grade. So by the time senior year rolls around, they are already on track for college success. Coalition works with over 150 top tier colleges and universities from around the U.S.

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  •  Class of 2023

    Guide for Parents

    Skim through the slide show that was presented on September 12th for parents of students looking at post-secondary education. This is very similar to the presentation counselors gave to the Junior and Senior students - but more geared to parents who are supporting their child with decisions for after high school. Although the presentation looks at a plethora of options including work, military, and trade schools - it focuses on the complexities of the college application process.

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College Timeline for Senior Year

College Testing Sites

  •  College Board Logo

    College Board

    This is your launching pad to everything from PSAT10, PSATNMSQT, SAT, SAT Subject Tests, and APs. Get familiar with this site and it's offerings. Not only will you register for these tests at this site - but you can also get some great information about college and the college admissions process and financial aid. You can use some of their college search tools to narrow down your list of colleges - check out Big Future. CollegeBoard can also provide information about the CSS Profile if the college you plan on attending requires it for financial aid reasons.

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  •  ACT Logo

    ACT - "The Other Test"

    The ACT is a standardized test used for college admissions. Traditionally the test of option for high schoolers in the Midwest - it is gaining more traction on the coasts. It is currently administered by ACT, a nonprofit organization of the same name. The ACT test covers four academic skill areas: English, mathematics, reading, and science reasoning. It also offers an optional direct writing test. Although the SAT and the ACT differed for many years - they have slowly become more similar. The SAT used to punish for incorrect answers (don't guess!) while the ACT did not (feel free to guess). That is no longer the case and both tests do not punish for guessing - so answer every question. The big difference is the breadth of skill areas with the ACT. You will find science concepts on the ACT - this is not the case for the SAT.

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Financial Aid & Scholarships

  •  Financial Aid Word Cloud

    Learn About FAFSA and Financial Aid

    All students attending trade schools and 2 or 4 year colleges need to fill out the FAFSA. Scholarships often require FAFSA to be filled out as well. Please see Jennifer Bodnar with Talent Search or your school counselor for any questions you may have.

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  •  Do the FAFSA...the earlier the better

    FREE Application for Federal Student Aid

    It's never too early—or too late—to explore your options for college or career school. This site discusses key steps in preparing for college and provides resources that can help you along the way. For most students planning to attend college or career school, financial aid is essential. This site will walk you through how financial aid works, resources to pay for college, and loan repayment options.

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  •  Scholarships

    Make Sure to Check the Weekly Newsletter for Updates on Scholarships!

    Each week local scholarships are updated in our College and Career Weekly Newsletter. If you are already not getting automatic emails for the newsletter - please sign up here. As always you can reach out to your counselor or Ms. van Ravenswaay if you need additional help or direction. Ms. Shasta Robertson (Career Coach - DSLCC) and Ms. Jennifer Bodnar (Talent Search) are also great resources - don't be afraid to reach out to them!

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  •  Bulletin Board with Scholarship Information

    Scholarship Virtual Bulletin Board

    Ms. van Ravenswaay's Padlet is a virtual version of the Bulletin Board found outside the Counseling Office that we keep updated on all local scholarships. Check in often for updates!

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