Prasnicki-Ross Field at Veterans Stadium Fundraising Campaign

Prasnicki Ross Fundraiser

The athletic complex improvement initiative at Rockbridge County High School is not only an honor to Chase Prasnicki and Drew Ross, but other former Rockbridge County students who have participated on high school teams and served our country in various branches of the military. The main athletic field has not been updated since construction in 1992. The high school has continued to grow in population and more athletic teams have also been added. Practice fields are always in high demand and with limited facilities, our teams struggle to find practice space. We look forward to upgrading the game field at RCHS and adding the memorial for Chase and Drew. Once the game field and stadium is complete, the construction of practice fields will be next on the list. We are very fortunate to have the designated field location already permitted and ready for construction.

In honor of Chase Prasnicki and Drew Ross, as well as for our future Rockbridge County athletes, please consider supporting this worthy campaign!!

As proven by Chase and Drew, participation in sports builds confidence and character in high-pressure situations. They also help mold the future leaders of our country.

Please donate here and thank you for your support!