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Destination Imagination Teams at Regional Tournaments

Student team picture of high school DI Team.   

Three Rockbridge County Public Schools student teams competed successfully in Destination Imagination (DI) tournaments this year. At the Jefferson Region Destination Imagination Tournament held on February 18, 2018, at Western Albemarle County High School, Fairfield Elementary School’s DI team placed fourth in the scientific Challenge category, Maury River Middle School placed first in the improvisational Challenge, and Rockbridge County High School placed third, also in the improvisational Challenge. With placements in one of the top three spots, Maury River and Rockbridge won the opportunity to advance on to the state affiliate tournament, and on March 24, 2018, they were among 160 elementary through university level teams to compete at Atlee High School in Mechanicsville, Virginia. Maury River placed fourth in their Challenge category, and Rockbridge finished ninth.


The Destination Imagination Program promotes critical thinking and creative problem solving skills through open-ended academic Challenges in science, technology, engineering, mathematics, fine arts, and service learning. Student teams spend several months working on solutions to the Challenges to present at regional, state, and global tournaments. Teams also prepare for and compete in Instant Challenges, which are short, impromptu challenges. “DI provides opportunities for our children to think, take risks and work together to solve common problems.” Raymond Simon, Former Deputy Secretary, U.S. Department of Education


Fairfield Elementary School’s team solved the scientific Challenge, Unlikely Attraction. For this Challenge, the FES team explored scientific concepts used in amusement park attractions; designed and built an attraction that used scientific concepts during its operation; created and presented a story that featured the attraction operating in an unlikely location; portrayed the unlikely location using sights and sounds; and created and presented two elements that showed off the team’s interests, skills, areas of strength, and talents. FES 5th grade teacher Cathy Whitesell served as team manager for FES team members Trenton Cash, Emma Clark, Ethan Erskine, Grace Golladay, Fatima Mejia, Melissa Mejia, and Andrea McCormick.


Maury River Middle School and Rockbridge County High School teams competed in the improvisational category called Treasures. In this Challenge, teams researched different cultures and famous explorers; created and presented an improvisational skit about a quest to return a lost cultural treasure to its owner; integrated two explorers and a prop into the quest; and showed how characters worked together to overcome a setback. MRMS 8th grade science teacher Sarah Schultz served as team manager for MRMS team members Abby Brooks, Libba Erskine, Kyle Goodbar, John Lindberg, Danielle Montgomery, Maggie Robertson, and Garrett Stillwell; and RCHS mathematics teacher Amy Hinkle led team members Katlyn Critchley, Carson Funk, Alex Hinkle, Noah Knick, and Thomas Stillwell.