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Rockbridge County School Board presents REACH AWARDS

REACH is a program established by the Rockbridge County School Board to recognize students, staff, and citizens who have performed acts that exemplify superior citizenship and contribute to our goal of educating our students to be prepared to assume their future roles as leaders, activists, and constructive participants in helping improve our community and be responsible citizens.

At the February School Board meeting, the School Board presented REACH awards to Scott Frasier and Grace Huffman with First Tee Golf Program.

The local PGA First Tee Program provides instruction and equipment to allow local children to learn the game of golf. As a registered PGA professional, Scott Frasier has graciously donated his time and effort to not only teach his students how to play golf but even more importantly has focused upon inculcating the "core values" of the First Tee program: honesty, integrity, sportsmanship, respect, confidence, responsibility, perseverance, courtesy, and judgment. He has extended his commitment to bettering our youth beyond the normal limits of the First Tee program, volunteering to provide golf instruction to students at MRMS during both after-school programs and regular physical education classes. His efforts have had a direct and positive influence on the children who have participated in this program and are a great example of volunteerism benefitting our youth.

Grace Huffman, a senior at RCHS and herself a veteran of the First Tee program, has assisted Scott in the conduct of the local lessons and workshops. She has generously dedicated her time during both the summer and after-school to helping teach our kids not only the game of golf but also in serving as an admirable role-model for them. The participating children have developed great respect for both her athletic abilities and for the kindness and poise she has demonstrated to them-she has given them a wonderful example to emulate. Grace epitomizes the sense of community involvement that we strive to impart upon all of our students.  Grace will continue her golf career at Longwood University competing at NCAA Division I Level.