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Maury River Middle School begins Read to Feed Program

Maury River Middle School students to raise funds to help families in need around the world by reading books!

Maury River Middle School students will be busy reading books for fun and pleasure and at the same time helping end world hunger through Heifer International’s Read to Feed® program. The sponsored program helps students raise money for Heifer to provide livestock, seeds, trees and training to families in need around the world. The Kick-Off event will be Friday February 9, 2018 at 8:30am at Maury River Middle School gym.


“It’s a program that empowers students to use their desire to learn and heighten their interests to help bring change to families worldwide. The books challenge, entertain and encourage them, and the more books they read, the more change they can create for the program.” said school principal, Billy Thomas.


With Read to Feed, students enlist sponsors who pledge donations—a dime, a quarter, a dollar a book, any amount, really. Then they read, and as they finish more books, the pledges grow higher until at the end of the program, the children gather the pledges, pool their money and donate the total collected to Heifer to use to help families build sustainable lives and to become self-reliant. The program will last six weeks, from February 12th to March 23rd, 2018.


Students sitting at school assembly listening to guest speaker.        School principal with assembly guest speaker.